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It’s Been Nice, Oceanside

“All Good  Things Must Come to an End,” said someone at sometime — I’m not sure who said it or when, but apparently it’s true. It’s time for us to leave the beautiful shores of Oceanside and get back to the ‘real world’ as we know it. Sigh. By the look of all those beach houses dotting the coastline, it’s the real world for some lucky folks. For us, we’re heading back to chilly temps – and *gasp* possible snow flurries. For my ever-growing, happy-hour fed mid-section, it’s all for the best in the long run — hear shivering burns a lot of calories.

While getting back to our daily grind is very appealing to me, there are things we’ll miss. For example — we’ll miss the sunny 65 – 70 degree December days, the beach “vibe,” the sights and the sun (even though it didn’t start out so sunny), and mostly the sound of the crashing surf and surfers who ride the incoming waves.


Come on – how fun does that look (if you take away the possibility of being eaten by a shark, that is). Fun to watch, would not do. Plus, it’s December and people — tons of people — are at the beach and actually frolicking in the ocean — in bathing suits, happily. Try that in Wisconsin in December. Okay, there’s no ocean in Wisconsin, but still, you know what I mean. It’s called the polar plunge there.

While in Oceanside, we’ve met some new friends – check out this guy who was out on the pier waiting for a snack of leftover bait.

This pelican has a pretty nice office view (much better than mine) and seriously good life – considering he probably gets the nibbles from a lot of fishermen/women who put lines out from the pier every day.

And then there’s the spontaneous live entertainment. This guy was on the pier on a Thursday afternoon cranking out Johnny Cash tunes. Not exactly the Man in Black but he seemed to be enjoying himself while entertaining the passersby. Pretty sure there is PBR in that coffee mug — just sayin’.

Yes, we’ll miss this lifestyle, the blue skies, the sunny weather. But it was nice while it lasted — as brief as it was.

A couple more gems from the area — Camp Pendelton is right down the road from Oceanside, and apparently, the cute below bungalow is the house they filmed a lot of scenes from “Top Gun”- note, I have never seen Top Gun in its entirety — don’t judge — but it’s on my list of movie to watch. That, and Star Wars. Oh, and Back to the Future. I know, I know … what the heck?

Here’s the sign outside of the house. Think they’re going to build a hotel here at some point (sad).

So, as they say in the show business industry – that’s a wrap. Not really sure if they say that, mind you, but it sounds good. And it’s fitting. We’ll be packing up the house on wheels and hitting the road, and by this time tomorrow – California will be well in our rear view mirror. Hear it’s snowing in Zion – something to look forward to.


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