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Good Start to the New Year

2016 was an enjoyable year for us – yet a bit crazy. After losing so many notable people and dealing with the side effects of the wackiest Presidential election in our time, we were rather happy to see the year come to and end, and happy about our survival. Although since we’re not so notable, we were probably safe. Happy 2017!

We started our New Year out right and went on a hike, since the ghost of Christmas past has shown up in the form of added pounds around my midsection – seriously, it’s like an uninvited spare tire that needs to go. All that overindulging while RVing in SoCal has come back tenfold and piled on the already stubborn fat cells. And so the battle of the bulge begins. The good news is that the happy-hour fiesta of the holidays didn’t pack on the pounds like I thought it would, but the added pounds of my wine-a-pallooza from year’s past is still hanging on and guess what? Summer will be here before you know it. Dare I mention the words: bathing suit. Notice that the older you get, the harder it is to shake off the pounds, or is that just me?

Getting out and moving around more is at the top of the list – and hiking is always a good option. January 1 we took a short hike to get the ball rolling since we don’t want to throw our bodies into some sort of shock from practically flat-lining to strenuous activity, because (cough, lazy, cough) we’re so health conscience. Turned out to be shorter than we wanted, but pretty. The recent rain created little ponds in the petrified sand dunes. Hiking to the top we got an excellent view of the park:

This abbreviated hike gave us the outdoor bug (wanting to be outdoors, not a mosquito), and since we’ve been out of the coach for approximately six days, the Man is having withdrawal symptoms. So, this coming weekend we’re heading out again this weekend for a brief glamping trip to continue the hiking resolution, weather dependent. It’s pretty chilly out there this time of the year. That, and the fact that we have to try out the new drone — more on that later. We thought about taking it out to Zion, but apparently drones are not allowed in any of the national parks since some dummy flew theirs into the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone a few years back. One bad apple ruins it for everyone, apparently.

Anyway – the new year’s resolutions continue. How are yours shaping up and what are you doing to keep on track this year and fall into the 8% success category instead of the loser 92% that most people, including me, have fallen into in the past? There are multiple articles out there on how to help achieve your goals, and most are rather predictable with their advice — like this one from Lifehack. Think it just comes down to making up your mind and doing it — as the Nike slogan goes. We all know how to lose weight: eat right and exercise, although if it were as simple as that, we’d all be walking around looking like supermodels. Fact is, it takes work. Lots of it. So do the work, hit the goal. And stop yer complaining. To also start the year off right, I’m reading “The Daily Stoic,” by Ryan Holiday (reading all books on my bookshelf and in my Kindle is also on my “list,” by the way, but that might be slightly over-zealous on my part). Today is day 5 and, coincidentally enough, the title is “Clarify Your Intentions” (e.g have an end in mind). He goes on to say that having an end in mind is no guarantee that you’ll reach your goal, but not having an end in mind is a guarantee that you won’t. Deep, no?

I’ve made a list and am checking it more than twice (a day) to remind myself of where I want to be (you know, the “end” result).  Like in the movie “What About Bob” — am taking baby steps. The list continues to grow though, as lists normally do. The newest “2017 goal” is to travel more — get out and explore new destinations, so planning stages are in the works. Maybe we’ll take up sailing.

The greatest adventure is what lies ahead
–J.R.R. Tolkien

Whatever you are resolving to do, be and achieve in 2017, make it a good one, or two, or four.

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