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Man waxing the Tiffin
Wax on – Wax off

We started our RV adventures in our 2005 Tiffin Allegro Bus back in 2012 (might have been 2011 – unsure at this point) and we’ve loved traveling in that coach — from Washington state to Washington DC. Made a lot of improvements (added a fireplace, new tv’s and all the updated comforts we could think of) along the way as well. There wasn’t a trip we didn’t take without our dog and cat — they are always the co-pilots. So in February, when we lost our cat, it was a big blow. We don’t have children in the sticky, germy form, so these fur-kids are the closest we’ll come. Don’t worry, we’re a-okay with that. But now traveling in the bus, sans one fur-child, was proving to be a little tough.

travel cat
Missing the fur ball

Maybe the death of something you love brings you slightly closer to acknowledging your own mortality, and understanding that tomorrow isn’t promised. Then, as the 80’s band the Fixx once said, “One thing leads to another,” and true to form, the next thing we knew, we found ourselves looking at newer coaches for sale online. We’d go one step further and make a few calls to ones that ticked the boxes. This traveling bug is contagious, and we intend on doing it more and more as time permits. No more waiting until we’re 60 — or older — and hope we have our wits and health about us when that golden time finally arrives. Nope, making the plans for now, or at least the immediate future. More on that later.

Back to the new ride. Like anything the Man decides to do, he does it with gusto, and usually a little sideways. Instead of selling the Allegro Bus, then buying another coach to suit our needs, he does the complete opposite — buys the new coach (for fear of someone else snapping it up) and then puts the Bus up for sale. He found his dream coach, the one with the perfect colors and layout, in Phoenix, Arizona – not too terribly far away from where we are currently.

Cactus standing guard
man and new rv
Day 1 – Entegra owners

The replacement? Not another Tiffin, surprisingly. We weighed the options and made a list of what we couldn’t live without. At the end of debating and bantering, we opted for an Entegra Aspire, which is now 3′ longer than our Tiffin. I’ll never get to drive at this rate. Made the semi-short haul and picked it up in Phoenix on a Friday afternoon — which coincided with Spring Training. Not being baseball fans, we weren’t aware of what a big deal the whole spring training thing actually is, and how difficult it would be to find a place to glamp for the weekend.

We were a little shocked at the lack of RV space availability, considering some of those Phoenix area parks have up to 3,000 RV and/or park model spots for the snowbirds who flock to the area each winter from chilly Northern locations (read: lots and lots of Canooks). The folks at Sunflower Resort were gracious enough to book us for one night — and didn’t even mind that we weren’t “of age” yet. Best of all, it was less than two miles from where the Aspire had been stored. Bonus short first journey. Everyone at this resort was so happy, and it’s not surprising why. They have everything from exercise classes and organized activities to live bands on the weekends and nightly dinner specials (not to mention happy hour daily at the cabana by the pool). What’s there not to be happy about? I found myself wondering why we didn’t check in for a month.

Then I remembered: work. Oh that.

Dog in front of fireplace
Lounge dog

Anyway, we haven’t spent much time in the new coach, other than the two nights we stayed in it while driving back home. Here’s a photo of the wonder dog who wasn’t quite certain about his new digs.

The new ride made it safely from Arizona to Utah (where we’ll park it until we’re ready jet out). The Man decided to take it into the RV shop to have someone with much more mechanical knowledge than we have give it a once over to make sure everything is working/running the way it should. He’s a boy scout for sure, but I’m happy and grateful he takes care of everything and keeps us safe.

Next up we’ll be figuring out how to balance work/life out of a new layout, which has a lot less interior storage than our Allegro bus, so it will be interesting to see how we fare with those upcoming challenges. And parking. And backing up. And going forward. You get the picture.

It’s all a learning process….like hooking up the Jeep to a new towing system. And I’ll get some new photos of the new beast as soon as I get a wider angle lens. This thing just seems a bit massive, even though it’s just about the same size in theory is our old one. We’ll also go through the plusses and minuses between this and the ‘Tiff once we get a bit more familiar with the Entegra. That could take some time for sure — we tend to learn by trial and error.

Until next time…..Happy Glamping. And if you’re in the market for a great, lovingly used Tiffin Allegro Bus – give us a shout – we have just the one for you.

Hooking up the tow car
First tow car hook-up on new system



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